In today’s world, school districts are tasked with important, yet growing, responsibility. At the same time, the cost of operating schools has grown tremendously over the past decade. These costs will undoubtedly continue to grow, creating a gap between need and funding. We believe students and schools deserve dedicated support staff, relevant curriculum,courses, and effective operations to help meet the needs of today’s students and schools. 


Build an Infrastructure   to support your school operations.

We have decades of experience and expertise in improving all aspects of online school and business operations while building and delivering exceptional staff, students, stakeholders, and customer outcomes.


Reimagine Education consultants work with you to handle the planning, organizing, building and training that meet your current school infrastructure needs.

America International Private Pay Prep School

We offer over 150 online courses for students and School districts: 

Credit Recovery

International Learners

Advanced Academic Courses



Foreign Language Classes


High School Diploma

Over 21 needing a HS Diploma 

We are an AdvancEd Accredited online program

Study at your own pace

Affordability - payment

plans as low as $2 a day


Mobile-friendly platform

Data Driven Results

Data Driven Dashboards provide staff real time information. We build alga rhythms based on student analytics. This reflects in an easy to read inficator for; online engagement, academic achievement, academic performance, social emotional and retention.


Let us help you make sound decisions around student success.


We Partner With Excellent Institutions… Just Like Yours! 

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